Foster Care Program
The goal of the foster parent volunteer is to help kittens and cats outside of the shelter environment who are underage, sick, injured or under-socialized so that they may become healthy, adoptable pets.

Who Needs Foster Care?

  • Kittens that are too young to be adopted

  • Nursing mother cats and their kittens

  • Adult cats that are susceptible to stress from a shelter environment

  • Injured or ill cats that need extra care

  • Kittens and cats that need socialization

About Our Foster Program:

  • Duties: You will provide loving care for underage, sick, injured or under socialized kittens and/or cats in your home until they are ready for adoption.

  • Cost: St. Francis Animal Rescue provides all of the supplies needed to care for foster kittens and cats. This includes food, litter, and medical care.

  • Time Commitment: Varies depending on the situation.

  • Qualifications: 

    • Must be at least 18 years old.​

    • Must be able to provide a safe, loving and stable home environment.

    • Personal pets should be spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated.

    • Have a room or space in the home where the foster kitten(s) or cat(s) can be 'isolated' from personal pets if necessary.

  • Guidelines:

    • Prospective foster parents must agree to home visit prior to fostering St. Francis Animal Rescue cats or kitten.

    • Foster parents must agree to home visits if requested, once a foster is placed in home.

    • Foster parents will feed, groom, socialize, and train the foster kitten(s) or cat(s).

    • Foster parents are responsible for administering any medications and providing any post-surgical care as necessary.

    • Foster parents must be able to provide transportation for their foster kitten(s) or cat(s) to and from the shelter or the veterinarian during business hours should the need arise.

    • Foster kittens and cats must be kept indoors at all times.

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