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St. Francis Animal Rescue (SFAR) was founded in 1992 when a group of women banded together to feed & spay/neuter a colony of feral cats living at the North Jetty in Nokomis, Florida. The women recognized there was a need to help stray, homeless & abandoned cats in the community. In 1993, SFAR became a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Three years later, property was purchased to accommodate a cageless shelter/adoption center & a thrift store. The thrift store is located in our new building next to the shelter

St. Francis is an organization that cares for lifetime resident cats, adoptable cats and kittens and foster cats. St. Francis provides volunteers with food to feed local feral colonies. Recognizing the need for Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) of feral cats, St. Francis has teamed with local volunteer trappers to spay or neuter the ferals in our community.


Gail Carson, President
Janet Buley, VP
Marlene Mullen, Sec., Theresa Fitzgerald, Treasurer, Amy Berke Director